Rocky Hill

According to historian, Robert Herron, Rocky Hill, in Hartford County, is located in central Connecticut, lying west of the Connecticut River. Originally land of the Wangunks (a tribe of Native Americans), Europeans began to settle the area in 1650. Formerly Stepney Parish, the town was incorporated from Wethersfield in May of 1843 and named for the trap rock ridge that rises in the northeast. 

Rocky Hill’s location on the Connecticut River made it a natural port for Wethersfield and an early center for shipbuilding, agricultural, and trade. The Rocky Hill-Glastonbury Ferry, started in 1655, is one of the country’s oldest continuously operating ferries.

Sites to Visit:

  • Rocky Hill/Glastonbury River Ferry
  • Ferry Park and boat launch
  • Dinosaur State Park
  • Quarry Park
  • Rocky Hill Historical Society and Academy Hall Museum¬†