Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

Full Home Remodeling

Leaving no stones unturned to transform your dream into reality

Bathrooms & Kitchens

Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling
  • Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling
     Full & Partial Remodels
  • Cabinets – Variety of Stains & Woods
    o Maple
    o Birch
    o Cherry
    o Oak
    o Pine
    o Hickory
    o Woodgrain
    o Exotic Woods
  • Fixtures, Vanities, Sink
  • Flooring
    o Tile
    o Luxury Laminate
    o Hardwood
    o Vinyl
    o Carpet
  • Countertops
    o Granites
    o Formica
    o Laminate
    o Marble
    o Tile
    o Backsplashes
  • All Plumbing & Electrical work
  • 3-D Computer Designs
  • Professional Planning and Follow-up
  • Warranties & Guarantees provided
  • Trained & Certified Designers
  • We pull all necessary Permits required for your home improvement project
Bathrooms & Kitchens
Living & Dining Rooms
Bathroom Cabinets
Vinyl wallpaper Installation

Our team of talented craftsmen ensure that every project goes seamlessly from concept to completion.

Bringing Your Ultimate Design Ideas to Life

Our home renovation contractor caters projects with great attention and details.

Living in the same house for over a decade? or working in the same space for years? Or wondering how would you feel if things were different. No worries, we will help you bring change in your surroundings within your budget. Tom the Toolman Tyler is set out to change the living space around you with great dedication.

 We understand that a change of location just might not be possible at this time in your life. However, you can always revamp the way you live and the way you feel through renovations and remodeling. Our professional team is here to ensure you that change can be good in more ways than you can perceive.

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